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Want a new way to feed suet? Try a Log Jammer!
We have a full selection of Flashlights and Batteries to light your way during a power outage or just for evening barn chores!
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Mill Hill Farm Supply

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Keystone Feed Mill

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618 Canal St Williamsburg, PA 16693 Phone: 814-832-3113 Fax: 814-832-0198
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Expert Articles & Advice

Getting Wild Birds Ready for Winter

Wild Birds are well equipped for changing seasons, not only by migrating south but also by getting heavier, warmer plumage, eating a winter-friendly diet, and gathering in groups to share the hard work of finding food and shelter when those resources are scarce.

Natural Thanksgiving Decorations and Centerpieces

Natural accents are ideal to show off autumn's beauty in Thanksgiving decorations and centerpieces. There are many easy options to naturally enhance a mantle, dining table, coffee table or any other space that needs a bit of Thanksgiving cheer.

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  • How to Attract Birds To Your Yard
    One of the best hobbies you can enjoy with your kids, especially when it turns cold outside, is backyard birding. Learning to identify the different species, and understanding their eating habits, can be a lot of fun.  Learn more here.