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Peas thrive when planted early. Stop by Mill Hill and check out our yummy selection to get an early start on your garden!
March is a good opportunity to thinking up your pastures by frost seeding clover. Call us for recommendations.
Want to know how much lime and fertilizer your yard and garden actually need? Stop by Mill Hill to get your soil tested!
Mill Hill now stocks another great horse feed option. Try Select Plus, textured or pelleted, with 12% protein and 6% fat!
National Ag Day is March 18th. Visit for more information. Mill Hill will be serving pie on the 18th to celebrate!

Expert Articles & Advice

Starting Seedlings Indoors to Kick Start Your Garden

Starting seedlings indoors has many benefits for gardeners and can increase the productivity and variety of your garden. It's not difficult, but does take some special considerations to be sure the seedlings can thrive both indoors and when they are transplanted. Why Start Seeds Indoors?

Giving Your Pet the Best Possible Care

A pet can quickly become a valued member of the family, and they deserve the best care their owners can provide.

Special Announcements

  • Creating Lanterns by Recycling Your Old Tin Cans

    Empty coffee can collection - over the years, I’ve used them for planters, canisters, craft storage, mobiles, wind chimes and even sculptures. Then a moment of illumination hit me. Lanterns!

    Click here to learn more.


Pennsylvania 4-H Week

3/15 - 3/22/2015
If you see a 4-H leader, member or extension personnel, remember to thank them for all the hard work they do. We have a terrific selection of 4-H Clubs in our area, all that teach students about a project and have them keep records and evaluate their project at the end.

National Ag Day is March 18th

Mill Hill will be celebrating with our customers by offering pie to everyone who stops by on Wednesday, March 18th.

Mill Hill Chick Days!

3/26 - 3/27/2015
Pick up your birds Thursday and Friday March 26th & 27th-just in time for Easter!

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