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Berkebile Diesel Fuel Conditioner & Anti-Gel 32oz

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BERKEBILE 2+2® Diesel Fuel Conditioner & Anti-Gel... is specially formulated with a lubricating agent for use with low sulfur fuels. One quart (32 oz.) treats 500 gallons

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  • Retards gelling and prevents wax formation!
  • Stabilizes fuel and prevents fuel line & filter icing!
  • Lubricates pumps & extends injector life!
  • Cleans wax & gum from pups, screens, & filters!
  • Increases power while speeding injector life!
  • Aids fuel flow for quicker starts!
  • Allows more complete combustion while saving fuel!
  • Works by using a combination of conditioners instead of just upgrading fuel oils & alcohol!