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  • Cinnamon Plus Coated Clover 50lb

    SKU: 02111645 UPC: 000000000000 Model: 59999
    Cinnamon plus Coated Clover has excellent seedling vigor, highly resistan to powdery mildew and northern anthracnose. 50 lbs
  • Clover Alsike 50lb

    SKU: 02111530 UPC: 756637119041
    Semi-erect, short-lived perennial, 1 to 3 feet tall, pink and white flowers. Major uses are pasture, hay. Seed are broadcast at 4 to 6 lb/A.
  • Clover Cinnamon Plus 3lb

    SKU: 02111646 UPC: 756637208028
    Cinnamon plus red clover 3 lb bag. A three pound bag of Cinnamon Plus Red Clover that is preinoculated and with a color added to aid in consumer use. A three pound bag will cover 5000 square feet.
  • Clover Crusade 3 Lb

    SKU: 02111668 UPC: 757000000000
    CRUSADE is a vigorous, large leaf, winter-active variety of intermediate white clover. Because of its winter-active characteristic, CRUSADE will provide extended grazing during the colder months in regions experiencing mild moist winter. Other characteristics include early and vigorous flowering, superior growth and freedom from virus and disease symptoms. In tests, CRUSADE exhibits strong recovery from cutting, grazing and moisture stress.
  • Clover Domestic Crimson 50 Lb

    SKU: 02111500 UPC: 053571201604
    Winter annual.. Brilliant crimson flowers, long heads, maturing from bottom to top. Will produce more forage at low temperatures than other clovers. Seed are broadcast at 20 to 30 lb/A in late August-October.
  • Clover Ladino 3 Lb

    SKU: 02111546 UPC: 756637221959
    Ladino clover is a giant form of white clover. It is a rapidly-growing perennial, which spreads with prostrate stolons.
  • Clover Will Ladino 50lb

    SKU: 02111541 UPC: 756637119058
    Fairly long-lived perennial in upper South; short-lived perennial or annual in lower South. Very leafy plants 8 to 12 inches tall that spread by stolons (runners) and form shallow roots at nodes.
  • Ladino Clover 1 Lb

    SKU: 02111542 UPC: 756637221966
  • Yellow Sweet Clover 3lb

    SKU: 02111556 UPC: 756637000000
    Enhance your soil with Clover Yellow Sweet. This forage crop seed is easy to spread. Requires maintenance.