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  • Alfalfa 3 Lb

    SKU: 02111046 UPC: 756637208011
    Small package of improved variety of alfalfa seed. Preinoculated and with a color added to ease in spreading. A 3 lb bag will cover a 5000 square foot area.
  • Alfalfa Forage Queen Seed 1 Lb

    SKU: 02111010 UPC: 756637118853
    An economical blend of alfalfa varieties adapted to all areas where fall dormancy 3 and 4 alfalfa varieties are grown. Forage Queen is moderately resistant or better to the major alfalfa diseases. Plant 15-20 lb/acre for pure stands or 10-15 lb/acre in a mix.
  • Chaffhaye

    50lb Bale of fresh chopped, premium bagged forage. It benefits Cattle, Horses, Goats, Llama, Camelid, Chickens, Deer and other exotics by providing “Premium pasture in a bag!”