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  • Hi-tensile Wire 14.5ga Class 3

    SKU: 08111590 UPC: 000251067739 Model: 30052
    Weighs 50 percent less without loosing strength, can be installed faster and easier, heavy duty galvanized coating lasts years longer than regular coating, and it stays tight through through extreme hot or cold weather. Used for highways, airports, ranches, and farms. Rangemaster's field fence is very durable.
  • Motto Hi-tensile Field Fence 12.5g

    SKU: 08111614 UPC: 736763886000
    great for cattle fence and general fencing applications. High tensile line wires offer great strength and allow for increased post spacing. Class 3 galvanization gives you 2 3 times the life expectancy of Class 1 galvanization.