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  • Deer Barrier 7ft X 100ft

    SKU: 10202573 UPC: 000000000000
    7 ft. tall folded to 3.5 ft. for easy handling. Protects crops, decorative gardens and property from deer and other animals. Will not rust. UV protected to last for years. Will not harm deer.
  • Deer Fence Black 7ft X 100ft

    SKU: 08100883 UPC: 010515400066 Model: 1014546
    This small meshed, 7ft high net is well suited for deer control around homes or other areas where an economical solution to deer deterrence is needed. It is virtually invisible when installed.
  • Game Fence 12.5ga

    SKU: 08111629 UPC: 736763540605 Model: 11315
    Tightlock High Tensile Game Fence, Class 3 Galvanized. lasts 2 1/2 times longer. Unique Fixed Knot tightly holds the vertical and horizontal wire together, and combined with tension curves, provide superior performance.
  • Perimeter/deer Fence Black 7ft X 100ft

    SKU: 08101077 UPC: 010515001096 Model: 1014546
    This 7 ft. X 100 ft. Black Perimeter or Deer Fence won't crack or break down in cold climates and is stretched in one direction for added strength. It can be used for ski slopes, wind break, sand fence, etc. It has a mesh size of 4.0 X 1.0. One of the most popular fences used.
  • Rangemaster Game Staylock Fence C3 2096-6-12 330ft

    SKU: 08102027 UPC: 000251067920 Model: 6792
    Exclusive Pre-Stripped Rolls, with a High Tensile Class 3 galvanization, that comes with 18 inches of vertical stays removed from both ends of the roll. It saves you time and makes installation a breeze.