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  • Field Fence C1 12.5ga

    SKU: 08111920 UPC: 736763804004
    Farm and Ranch Fence is ideal for general fencing needs. Tightly woven hinge joints bounce back from animal impact, while helping maintain strength and shape of fence.
  • Rails Hardwood Diamond 11ft

    SKU: 08101909 UPC: 081019090008
    ACQ is a water-based wood preservative that prevents decay from fungi and insects (i.e., it is a fungicide and insecticide). There are currently four AWPA standardized ACQ formulations, ACQ Types A, B, C, and D. The different formulations allow flexibilit
  • Range Master Fence 12.5ga

    SKU: 08111726 UPC: 000251066602 Model: 30052
    Heavy duty galvanized coating. Its tension curve and hinge joint helps to keep a uniform and flexible fence.