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  • Dare Garden U-post Insulator Yellow 25/pk

    SKU: 08102879 UPC: 000000000000 Model: 22420
    Dare Snug-LGU-25 Garden U-Post Insulator. Designed to fit U-Post from 1in to 1 3/8in size. Yellow in color. Great for temporary electric fencing for your garden.
  • Dare Wire Vise For 8 & 9 Ga Wire

    SKU: 08102880 UPC: 000000000000 Model: 22420
    Dare #2544 Wire Vise End Post Fastener. Fits 8 & 9 gauge smooth wire and Cameo and Bayco monofilament.
  • High Strain Corner Insulator

    SKU: 08129436 UPC: 038923017522
    Round corner / end insulator for wooden posts. Wire wrap attachment to post. Molded of high density polyethylene with UV inhibitors. Black. 10 each per bag.
  • Post Insulator White

    SKU: 08102512 UPC: 038923025305
    For wood or vinyl posts. Use two galvanized roofing nails for wood post or two 8 x 3/4 inch stainless steel screws for Vinyl (nails or screws not supplied). Designed for polywire, polyrope or high tensile wire.
  • T-post Tape Top-r Insulator 1.5 In

    SKU: 08113333 UPC: 038923029808
    Fits all T-posts and can be nailed on top of wood post. For all wire, polywire, polyrope and tape up to 1 1/2 inches. Will face all directions on Equine white post.
  • Tube Insulator Black 4 In

    SKU: 08100228 UPC: 038923031078
    For superior UV resistance. Performs in any climate. 4 in. long X 3/8 in. diameter. Ribs prevent insulator from sliding. Without staples.
  • Tubular Corner Post And End Post Insulator

    SKU: 08113238 UPC: 038923019717 Model: 22420
    Tubular corner post and end post insulator provides insulation for 90 degree turn or end loop on any style post. Flat-sided design resists rolling and speeds installation. Heavy sidewalls provide extra protection against shorts or grounds. Molded of polyethylene with carbon black to withstand the elements. Metal insert designed to take high-tensile strain. 19 1/2 inches long.
  • Wire Insulator Clips

    SKU: 08125210 UPC: 038923018550 Model: 22420
    Clipper, wire to insulator fastening clip. Handy spring clip for fastening electric fence wire to grooved insulators. Galvanized spring wire.
  • Wood Post Pin-lock Insulator

    SKU: 08129442 UPC: 038923023080 Model: 22420
    Pinlock Insulator for Wood Posts with two galvanized ring shank nails. Heavy cross sections withstand the pressure of high tensile fencing. Attached pin, locks and unlocks fence wire. Large flange prevents shorts and arcing.
  • Wood Post Tape Insulator

    SKU: 08129443 UPC: 038923029846 Model: 22420
    Wood post tape insulator for wood posts. White. Complete with galvanized ring shank nails. For any fence tape up to 1 1/2 in. wide. Insulators grip tape tightly to prevent whipping and sawing. Large flange prevents shorts and arcing. Heavy tape hold.