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  • Ultra Start® 150 Colostrum Replacer

    UPC: 616368412418 Manufacturer: Sav-A-Caf

    Ultra Start® 150 is a calf colostrum replacer and supplement with Bovine globulin protein from only 100% pure colostrum collected at upper midwest USDA Grade A dairies, fortified with highly digestible fats, vitamins and chelated trace minerals. Smallest feeding size available, mixes effortlessly and completely. Guaranteed 150 grams globulin protein per pouch.

  • Intervet Safeguard Block 25 Lb

    SKU: 11422414 UPC: 114224140005
    A medicated, soft-poured molasses block which contains Safeguard (fenbendazole) for effective broad spectrum deworming. Easy to feed and highly palatable. One 25 lb. Block deworms 16 head of 500 lb. Cattle.
  • Bag Balm 1 Oz.

    SKU: 11423049 UPC: 000000000000
    An ointment used as a softener and antiseptic on the udder. Contains Hydroxy Quinoline Sulfate, 0.3 percent in a petroleum lanolin base.
  • Ambic Non-Return Teat Dip Cup

    Ambic developed the world’s first dip cup in conjunction with the National Institute for Research in Dairying (NIRD) back in the 1980s. This pioneering work established the importance of post milking teat disinfection in the control of mastitis.