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  • Natural Chemistry Naural Oatmeal & Chamomile Conditioner For Dogs

    SKU: 06637318 UPC: 717000000000 Model: 11101

    Our new Oatmeal Conditioner is a gentle, pH balanced conditioner that enhances the healing effects of our Oatmeal & Chamomile Shampoo.

  • Tropiclean Conditioner Kiwi Moisture 20oz

    SKU: 06645596 UPC: 645000000000 Model: 202122
    Tropiclean's advanced conditioning formula with intensified moisturizers soothes dry, sensitive skin. Rich botanical conditioners create a healthy sheen. Eliminates static and tangles, leaving the coat soft and easy to comb.
  • Tropiclean Oxy Med Medicated Oatmeal Treatment Rinse 20oz

    SKU: 06645608 UPC: 645000000000 Model: 3330
    Oxy-Med is an ultra soothing medicated rinse formulated to stop itching, control flaking and reduce shedding. Oxy-Med contains Alpha Hydroxys which are far more effective than any medicated shampoo at relieving seborrhea and other skin problems. Alpha Hydroxys penetrate the lowermost levels of the skin (stratum corneum) and clean out the skins pores. Vitamins and Omega 3 fatty acids supply nourishment for a healthy skin and coat.