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  • Agway Shoulder Spreader

    SKU: 10207922 UPC: 757000000000 Model: 2750A
    Spread any seed or granular material over hilly or wet terrain. Nylon bag with 20lb capacity. Gives a 8-15' spread width. Rocking agitator gives consistent flow to the impellor. Great for grass seed, fertilizer, food plot seed mixes. Easy to use, folds up for easy transport and storage.
  • Easy Hand Held Spreader

    SKU: 10205816 UPC: 102058160009
    Economical, handheld rotary spreader that uniformly applies lawn fertilizer, grass seed or ice melt. Ideal for small applications. Heavy duty construction. Fully assembled and ready to use.
  • Spreader-hand Held Green Ii

    SKU: 10205817 UPC: 102058170008
    Provides an exclusive design which reduces wrist fatigue. This ergonomic design causes less wrist fatigue than other hand-held spreaders. It's great for applying lawn seed, fertilizer, and other products on small areas, or for spreading ice melting product in winter. It provides a rustproof, plastic hopper and agitator.