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  • Agway Organic Compost Cow Manure .75 Cf

    SKU: 10215432 UPC: 756637291679 Model: 50050100

    Agway Organic Compost Cow Manure is an all-natural ready to use soil amendment great for new or established lawns, vegetable and flower gardens.

  • Agway Organic Humus .75 Cf

    SKU: 10215433 UPC: 756637291686 Manufacturer: Agway Model: 50050101

    This all natural multipurpose organic humus is ideal as an additive to vegetable and flower gardens or for use on new or established lawns.

  • Scotts Premium Manure & Humus .75 Cuft

    SKU: 10211116 UPC: 000000000000
    Three times the feeding power of regular manure to help build strong roots. Improves soil aeration and drainage. Not for sale in FL.
  • Agway Peat Moss 2.2cuft

    SKU: 10202308 UPC: 000000000000

    Retains water, loosens clay soil and adds body to sandy soil.

  • Agway Peat Moss 3.8 Cuft

    SKU: 10202305 UPC: 739088767443 Model: 55180

    Natural, organic peat moss improves the structure of all soil types, reduces the need for watering and provides the best anchor for root and plant development.

  • Aluminum Sulfate 50lb

    SKU: 10201736 UPC: 000000000000
    Used to reduce the pH of garden soil.
  • Berger Bm2 Germinating Mix 3.8 Cuft

    SKU: 10207853 UPC: 000000000000
    This growing mix made up of fine particles of peat moss, perlite and vermiculite has been specially developed for plugs and flats. This highly consistent mix promotes rapid, regular germination and root development. 3.8 cubic foot bale.
  • Bm-1 Mix 3.8 Cuft

    SKU: 10202306 UPC: 000000000000
    Composed of fibrous sphagnum peat moss, perlite and vermiculite, BM-1 planting mix promotes quick and steady growth in a wide variety of plants.
  • Miracle Gro Perlite 8qt

    SKU: 10203030 UPC: 032247427838
    Perlite Improves Aeration and Drainage While Promoting Root Development. A Soil Conditioner That Helps Prevent Soil Compaction In Containers, Which Impedes Root Expansion.
  • Miracle-gro Peat Moss - 8qt

    SKU: 10203034 UPC: 032247527835
    <p>Natural, organic conditioner. Aerates soil and helps prevent soil drying and soil hardening. Highly absorbent particles help retain moisture and nutrients.</p><img style=\"width: 72px; height: 72px\" src=\"/javascripts/tiny_mce/plugins/imagemanager/images/products/eco_aware.jpg\" border=\"0\" width=\"72\" height=\"72\" align=\"bottom\" />
  • Perlite Coarse 4 Cuft

    SKU: 10201275 UPC: 000000000000
    This lightweight Perlite provides superb aeration and moisture retention when mixed in with other soil materials. Perlite supports root growth and retains moisture, air, and nutrients which it releases as plants grow. Also suitable for hydroponic greenhouses. Can be made very low-density as required.
  • Pro-mix Hp With Mycorise Pro 3.8 Cuft

    SKU: 10211219 UPC: 102112000000
    A High Porosity peat/perlite-based growing medium. This mix ensures optimum growth, especially when high air-capacity and extra drainage are required. It is ideal for water-sensitive crops, rooting cuttings and/or low-light growing conditions. Ensures stronger, healthier plants due to more root systems and better fertilizer uptake.
  • Turface Mvp 50lb

    SKU: 10202744 UPC: 000000000000
    Turface MVP fights infield compaction that leads to running, sliding and bad ball hop injuries. MVP absorbs its weight in water, allowing play to resume quickly after the rain stops.
  • Turface Quick Dry 50lb

    SKU: 10202743 UPC: 000000000000
    After a rain, Turface Quick Dry makes muddy, slippery conditions a thing of the past. Quick Dry will not cake, become slippery, or turn your field rock-hard, and works over and over. 50 lb. Bag.
  • Vermiculite 4 Cuft

    SKU: 10201274 UPC: 000000000000
    This lightweight vermiculite provides superb aeration and moisture retention when mixed in with peat, bark, or compost. Also makes excellent fertilizer. Vermiculite soil supports root structure and stimulates fast root growth. Can be used by itself to aid soil-less hydroponic greenhouses.