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  • Ames True Temper Hound Dog Planting Auger Steel

    SKU: 10500929 UPC: 049206030404 Model: 21199
    Hound Dog Planting Auger (to be powered with an electric drill). Design creates perfect holes in the toughest soil. Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • Ames 4 Tine Potato Hook

    SKU: 10511490 UPC: 079617751445
    Refuse Hook. For harvesting potatoes and dragging refuse. 54 In. Ash wood handle. One piece forged head for durability.
  • Union Tools Welded Cultivator 4-prong

    SKU: 10511885 UPC: 079617681162 Model: 68116
    For cultivating, weeding and aerating in light or tilled soils. 54 In. Ash wood handle.
  • Weed Cutter Serrated Blade

    SKU: 10500761 UPC: 031365051208 Model: 16930
    Heavy duty weed cutter with two sided serrated cutting blade and formed steel support brackets 30 inch hardwood handle perfectly balanced tool for efficient cutting.
  • Union Tools Garden Hoe 6 1/4in

    SKU: 10511760 UPC: 079617661089
    For chopping and weeding in most soil types. 6-1/4" x 4-3/4" Forged, shank pattern, beveled steel blade. 54" Hardwood handle.
  • Grass Whip Steel Shaft

    SKU: 10500762 UPC: 031365051406 Model: 16930
    Grass whip with two sided serrated blade and steel shaft fitted with 11inch hardwood handle.
  • Razorback All Steel Tamper

    SKU: 10500318 UPC: 079617300049
    This tamper is used for tamping asphalt, gravel and dirt. It is made of all steel construction with 8x8 inch tamper head and a 10 inch handle end grip.
  • Union Tools Post Hole Digger 5 1/2in

    SKU: 10512750 UPC: 079617780025 Model: 55684
    For digging holes for posts and footings. Atlas pattern. 2 Piece riveted blades. 48 In. Hardwood handles.
  • Bypass Pruner

    SKU: 10513980 UPC: 038313000608 Manufacturer: Corona Garden & Landscape Tools
    BYPASS PRUNER - 3/4 inch diameter cutting capacity. Resharpenable forged Radial Arc bypass blade. Fully heat-treated, forged Coronium steel alloy construction. Slant-ground, narrow-profile hook. Precision-made, self-aligning pivot bolt. Sap groove. Non-slip, cushioned grips. Designed for general-purpose pruning. Made in USA. Lifetime Warranty.
  • Corona 3/4in Bypass Pruner

    SKU: 10211212 UPC: 003831304180
    Lightweight Pruner For General Purpose Pruning. Resharpenable High Carbon Steel Blade. Ergonomic, Reinfroced Nylon Handles.
  • Pole Pruner - 12in Comp

    SKU: 10513983 UPC: 038313538415 Manufacturer: Corona Garden & Landscape Tools
    POLE PRUNER - 12 IN. COMPOUND - TP3841 12-ft. Compound-Action Tree Pruner with die-cast zinc alloy pruning head. Fully heat-treated, Teflon coated cutlery steel blade with 1 inch diameter cutting capacity. Pass-thru shearing action. Compound-action pulley system triples your cutting power. 15 inch conventional saw blade. Lightweight fiberglass pole telescopes to 12 ft. Weather-resistant polypropylene pull-rope and wood grip. Comfortable, non-slip 24 inch cushioned grip.
  • Reel Mower 18in

    SKU: 10300137 UPC: 052909081581

    A clean, precise, scissor - like cut for your lawn, NO fuel needed! Skip the gas. Skip the oil. Skip the fumes.

  • Razor Tooth Folding Saw

    SKU: 10513992 UPC: 038313004071
    7 inch Pruning Saw for small to medium branches. 3-sided razor teeth. Impulse hardened teeth for longer life. Replaceable 7 inch Taper-Ground folding blade. Cushioned pistol-grip handle. Positive open/close blade lock. Convenient hanging hole.
  • Precision Garden Seeder

    SKU: 10232014 UPC: 052732100121
    Precisely plants seeds at the depth and spacing necessary for maximum yield. Comes with six seed plates for seeds such as carrots, beans, corn, peas, radishes and beets. Sturdy aluminum frame.
  • Comp-action Bypass Lopper

    SKU: 10513990 UPC: 038313044367
    COMPOUND ACTION BYPASS LOPPER - 2 inch diameter cutting capacity. Four-bar compound linkage triples your cutting power. Resharpenable, PTFE-coated high-carbon steel bypass blade. Slant ground hook with sap groove. 24 inch fiberglass handles. Extra-long 12 inch non-slip foam grips.
  • Lopping Shear-24in Anvil-comm

    SKU: 10511414 UPC: 038313044381 Manufacturer: Corona Garden & Landscape Tools
    LOPPING SHEAR- 24 IN. ANVIL-COMMERCIAL - 2 inch diameter cutting capacity. Four-bar compound linkage triples your cutting power. Resharpenable, PTFE-coated high-carbon steel blade. Replaceable blade and anvil. 24 inch fiberglass handles. Extra-long 12 inch non-slip foam grips.
  • Instamat Soil Ph Meter

    SKU: 10238803 UPC: 000000000000
    Soil pH meter electronically determines soil pH level.
  • Rapitest Electric Soil Test

    SKU: 10238799 UPC: 000000000000
    Soil testing in about one minute. Comprehensive guide lists ideal pH ranges for over 350 plants. Requires 1 AA battery.
  • Rapitest Ph Soil Tester

    SKU: 10238801 UPC: 000000000000
    Rapitest soil test kit performs 10 total tests for Soil pH.
  • Rapitest Rainfall Gauge

    SKU: 10211007 UPC: 000000000000
    Attractive manual gauge for container or garden bed. Includes 3 ft. adjustable plastic mounting stake.
  • Rapitest Soil Tester

    SKU: 10237754 UPC: 000000000000
    Soil tester includes 5 color coded test tubes and a comparison chart to test the pH and or the fertilizer levels in your soil.
  • Agway┬« Garden Cultivator

    SKU: 10501258 Manufacturer: Agway

    4 tine fiberglass cultivator. Durable tool with cushion grip handle and carbon steel head.