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  • Calcium Chloride Pellet 50 Lb

    SKU: 11505308 UPC: 750045000000 Model: 55593
    Fastest dry de-icer on the market. Melts faster than blended de-icers or rock salt. Minus 25 degrees Fahrenheit melting power. 94-97 Percent Excel, Prestone Driveway Heat, (needs no other catalyst, works on impact). With proper use, safe for concrete and vegetation, no tracking.
  • Prestone Driveway Heat Ice Melter 50 Lb

    SKU: 11500283 UPC: 797497000000
    Concentrated formula works down to 25 degrees below Farenheit. Draws moisture from the air and ice which enables it to work when other de-icers cannot. Produces an exothermic reaction as it works, giving off heat and allowing it to work fast. Melts 4 times more ice than rock salt. Will not stain concrete, asphalt, bricks or stone. Leaves behind NO white powdery residue. Safe for plants because less de-icer is required to get the job done.